Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ju Shin Jung

Around a month ago, we had a farewell dinner for one of my helpers who was in charge of looking after my granny. A few weeks after my granny passed on, her mother in law passed on too, and her husband wanted her to go back to Indonesia, so we arranged for her to go back in mid Feb. Before that, we asked her what she would like to have before heading back. And she requested for Korean food! Haha. I tend to cook Korean food quite a bit whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen, and I also make my own kimchi. On one occasion, I had leftover radishes so I cubed and salted them too to make radish kimchi. She totally loved it and so then, whenever I made kimchi, I made sure to have enough radish so as to make some radish kimchi for her too. ^^

We decided to go to Ju Shin Jung at West Coast area for a Korean feast. I've been there two or three times before and I loved the food there. The place serves up pretty good Korean barbeque, kimchi jjigae and kimchi pancake, so I suggested that we head there for dinner cos I know we wouldn't be disappointed.

Ju Shin Jung (by far the best Korean BBQ in Singapore...)

This was just a few days after we broke our vegetarian fasting period, so from a long break of sustaining from meat, we jumped straight into ordering the meat buffet. Ju Shin Jung is kinda pricey, and the waitress was pushing the meat buffet option on us...Oh wells. Why not? Though the meat selection was limited to only chicken and pork, sadly, it didn't include my fave meat - beef. Well, it is possible to add beef too, but additional charges apply. Since only a few of us in our party ate beef, we decided to skip the beef and concentrate on the chicken and pork then. The meat buffet deal also included a few extras - mostly soups (one per person). So we ordered a few different ones, like the tofu soondubu, the beef soup and the saba fish.

Korean food is incomplete without the requisite kimchi...
Barbeque time!

I love how they gave us a plate of mixed lettuce leaves to wrap our meat with (refillable too!). On the plate, they also added fresh garlic slices and green chillis! Oooh. I was happily nom-ming on those green chillis. Crunchy and spicy, they tasted like bell peppers, albeit a spicier version. 

Kimchi pancake

We ordered a kimchi pancake too on top of the buffet. While the pancake was decent, it wasn't as good as I had remembered it to be. Or perhaps, I've just eaten better ones since my last visit... Manna at Tanjong Pagar does a mean kimchi pancake, and Woori Nara at Lorong Kilat does a superb seafood version.

Meat, meat and more meat!

Needless to say, we totally stuffed ourselves with super mad amount of meat. I think I ate so much pork that day I didn't even eat a piece of chicken. Haha. And I realised that pork belly is now off my to eat list cos it's so fatty, and also, there are other really yums marinated pork parts that are so much tastier. I forgot which parts were they, but they were definitely less fatty than the belly and the flavour of Ju Shin Jung's marinate was super scrumptious!

Ahhhhhhh. I love Korean food. I want to try out other Korean barbeque places! I've heard good reviews of restaurants in the Tanjong Pagar area and I wanna try them out sooooooon. Any takers???


  1. the next time we meet up, lets have korean?? :D

  2. heh, im always hungry for korean food! ^^

  3. I love korean food too!!
    Especially the bbq, pancake and kimchi soup :D:D
    your post is making me really hungry now.

  4. Nice... is the dinner buffet still available?

  5. hi im not sure, perhaps you could give them a call to check! :)


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