Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wheelers Yard

A pretty photogenic cafe. One where everybody goes just for a shot with the iconic blue doors (which I have yet to snap a shot at though I've been there a coupla times already!).

Wheelers Yard

This is one pretty cafe indeed. A very large and airy space, with loads of little quirky details here and there, and loads of bicycles within. I mean, to keep in theme with the cafe name right.

My girlfriend is working there, so she recommended the hot chocolate. Thumbs up indeed for the hot chocolate was pretty rich and thick.

As I mentioned, been there a coupla times already (not to dine in all the time, sometimes just to find the girlfriend heh). I've yet to have brunch there, but I did stop by for dinner a while ago.

They were having a collab then, with Sennheiser, for the Momentum campaign, thus explaining the Sennheiser headphones dotting the cafe tables.

Truffle fries
Pork ribs

Food wasn't exactly fantastic, but then I've heard alot about the place that it's known mostly for the ambience rather than the food, so it wasn't exactly a big disappointment. So I was actually impressed with the flavours that I had that night as I didn't had my hopes up or anything before I started tucking in. I think their menu options are constantly evolving (as do most cafe menus nowadays), so perhaps what's on their menu now might be better?

Blue doors, I'll be back for an #ootd shot...(someday).

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