Friday, November 28, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne St Ali

My current goal is to finish my Aussie 2013 posts by the end of 2014. I really should increase the frequency of my blogposts just so I can clear most of my backlogs. *cross fingers that I can accomplish my goal*

St Ali, Melbourne 2013

Menu [Click to enlarge]

I love St Ali for its big airy space. Tons of natural light, warm earthy wooden furniture, the place had a home-y feel to it.

Corn fritters seem to be a popular Aussie breakfast dish. The version here at St Ali differed from the one we had at Mart 130. I loved the addition of the grilled haloumi and poached eggs, which added a creamy texture to the dish. Not too sure if the corn fritters were overcooked cos the colour seemed a touch darker than what I expect, but they were still tasty nevertheless.

My Mexican Cousin
Earl of Yarra Place

Surprisingly, one of the best dish I had in Melbourne was this unassuming plate of granola and yogurt combo. The crunchy granola (IMO, it was more muesli-like rather than granola-like), the sweetness from the earl grey poached dried apricots, sour cherries, cranberries and prunes, and the creamy yogurt and milk all melded together perfectly. I was so enamoured with the dish that I attempted to recreate something similar in my kitchen. See granola recipe here.

While we were making out way towards the cafe, we passed by several graffiti-lined walls peppered around the Melbourne streets. I love them. The graffiti bring about such a vibrant and colourful feel to the neighbourhoods.

St Ali
Address: 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Directions: Hop onto Trams #96 or #112. If taking Tram #112 - Stop 127 Clarendon St/York St, if taking Tram #96 - Stop 127 South Melbourne Market.
Tel: (03) 9686 2990
Opening hours: 7am - 6pm daily

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