Monday, November 17, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Brighton Beach

Since I'm not hopping onto a plane anytime soon, I reckon the next best thing would be to post some travel photos to console myself right? Right.

I'd better finish up my Aussie 2013 posts so I can actually start on my 2014 travelogue. It's almost end 2014 and I have 5 trips worth of 2014 travel photos to work on. I might find it tedious to sort through the hundreds of snapshots, but I do enjoy the editing process. Can't wait to start on the Cambodia ones especially...

Anyway, back to the Aussie travelogue, we spent the last leg of the Aussie trip in Melbourne. Mostly brunching cos hello, major coffee culture right there. Seriously missing the unique Aussie brunches and coffee we had there.

I reckon I should start with a non-food post, so here's some shots from where we visited Brighton Beach. There's nothing much to do there honestly, but it's worth a visit, even if just to squee at the colourful bathing boxes and take multiple selfie shots. Ha. (At least I'm honest.)

 Brighton Beach, Melbourne 2013

Bird with its catch
Blue skies and blue sea

Not sure if I managed to capture it well, but I actually love how the water was glittering like diamonds. Coupled with the really good weather of blue skies and fluffy white clouds, it really was quite a good day to visit the beach for some nice photos.

It's seriously a long stretch of colourful bathing boxes. So what people do is normally spam photos walking from one end to the other. Or at least, we did. And what others around us did. All the bathing boxes were painted in various vibrant hues and no single bathing box were the same.

Rainbow - my fave

I did take multiple selfies, I mean, hello, the backgrounds were so squee-worthy. I shan't scar you guys who are reading the posts too much, so it's just these few that I've posted up. I only took selfies when 1. the bathing box was pretty and 2. the bathing box number was significant - e.g. 21 (forever 21 *snorts*), 26 (I was turning 26 last year), 87 (my birth year!).

As you can see, jumpshots and I are not good friends. I never ever look good in jump shots. EVER. It's like my face will be in perpetual face spasms mode. Snigger. Serves me right for trying to act young in front of house no 21. #forever21not

Final selfie shot

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, though the weather was really good, the wind was blowing so strongly that half the time, my hair was all over in my face, the other half of the time, I was squinting against the bright sunlight and looking like an idiot. One word of advice - bring your best sunnies, your fave cap (or just frickin' tie up your hair already!) and slippers. You'll probably get some good shots somehow. ;)

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