Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steamed milk with egg whites and purple sweet potato

I happened to find purple sweet potatoes at the wet market a few weeks back. To say that I was happy was kinda an understatement.

I'm a carbs lover (sigh, unfortunately), thus, needless to say, I love sweet potatoes.

Steamed milk with egg whites and purple sweet potato

I wanted to do something special with them, and quickly, my first thought went to something that I had saw previously - steamed puddings (or rather, the Hong Kong styled 炖奶, the ones I ate during my last Hong Kong trip here). The dessert seemed really easy as it only called for a few pantry staples, plus the fact that my Sis had just made a big batch of ice cream (leaving the egg whites unused) just seems too much perfect of a coincidence. ^^

The recipe really was as easy as it sound, and the taste? I'm happy to say that I give it two thumbs up! I like that it's a really healthy and light dessert (okay, minus the fact that sugar was added), and by using milk and egg whites, it's like a really nourishing dessert for the skin (I think?). I like it best served hot for these sweet potato flavoured steamed milk pudding. When you spoon the jiggly concoction into your mouth, and burn your tongue slightly with the too-hot heat of the dessert. Yes, I'm impatient like that. And anyway, I'm just following the recommendation of the popular saying, '趁热吃' (eat it while it's hot).

Reckon I'm going to make these again? Definitely! I'd rather use up egg whites for this than make macarons. Not that I'm sayin' I hate making macarons. It's just that this dessert really takes no time to whip up. And I really like to enjoy my desserts a.s.a.p. ;)

Steamed milk with egg whites and purple sweet potato (adapted from Ellena at Cuisine Paradise)
600ml fresh milk
180g egg whites
6 tbsp sugar
300g Steamed Purple Sweet Potato, cut into small cubes
ginkgo nuts

Warm milk over stovetop slightly, add in sugar and stir till dissolved. Set aside.
Gently whisk the egg whites till a light bubbles form. Sieve the egg whites into the milk mixture. Whisk it lightly to mix well, then sieve mixture into a clean bowl.
Place mashed purple sweet potato cubes into each bowl and use the back of a spoon to gently press and spread out the sweet potato slightly onto the bowl.
Pour the milk mixture into each bowl (try to divide it equally - I used a scoop). Wrapped it with clear-wrap.
Steam over medium heat for 7 minutes, open the wrap, add in a few pieces of the reserved sweet potato cubes and ginkgo nuts and continue to steam on medium heat for another 1 - 1 1/2 minutes till slightly firm (centre should still be slightly jiggly though). Serve immediately (or wait till cool, refrigerate, then serve cold).


  1.  Michelle, I'm very curious about this. I think I'm going to try it. the use of steamed egg whites reminds me a bit of the ile flottante I grew up on. xx

  2.  This dessert is totally new to me.  Steamed egg whites sound light and delicious and the purple sweet potato adds lovely color.

  3. Thanks for your linkback and metioned :) Your steamed egg white look stunning!!!! 

  4.  fanny: i would reckon they taste diff from the ile flottante (tho ive nv tried one before!), it has a really nice mouth feel to it and i hope u like it if u do try it. (:

    xiaolu: it's kinda like a popular hk dish tt i like to eat whenever im in hk! 

    ellena: thanks for the recipe! love it. ^^


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