Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chocolate cherry coconut almond granola

As I mentioned in my last granola post, I like having granola for breakfast. I mean, it's oats, and oats are supposedly good for the body isn't it?

What I have here today, is admittedly, not a healthy granola, but heck, we should all ease up a little bit, enjoy a little treat now and then (okay, almost all the time...) and just hit the gym more often to make up for the sinful stuff we consume...

Anyway, the granola I'm talking about is no other than this chocolate cherry coconut almond granola. Yeps, that's certainly a mouthful to say. You can always refer to it as the chocolate granola, ah then again, who cares what you call it, when everyone is more concerned with other pressing issues - such as fighting for the last bowl of it.

Chocolate cherry coconut almond granola

I wanted to try my hand at making all sorts of flavours of granola. And the first new flavour I thought of was - chocolate. I'm a true blue chocolate fan, give me a sliver of chocolate, and I'll easily swayed by anything you want me to do. ^^

The recipe I found was for a chocolate crunch granola, but as usual, I like to customise my own cos, homemade is what makes it special - every batch of treats you make is different from others cos you might add in a dash of this, or a handful of that, and the flavours and taste will be slightly altered. I added in dried cherries and sunflower seeds and upped the cinnamon, almonds and rice puffs.

To be stashed away at work for breakfast...

I can safely say that this is a winner recipe. It encompasses everything I could imagine in a chocolate granola - crunchy, chocolatey, and the addition of dried fruits, seeds and nuts just makes it a winning combination. I love pairing it with milk cos after a while, the milk turns into a chocolatey milky brown concoction from the cocoa powder in the recipe.

For decadence sake, I threw in a handful of dark chocolate chops atop the choco granola while I was taking these photos, and started pouring in the milk. My my. What more can I say? My mouth is full from nomming on the delicious chocolatey dessert excuse of a breakfast.

But well, it is chocolate after all, and it's best to actually portion a smaller quantity cos, really, the sweet oaty breakfast is bound to perk you up in the morning, what with its obvious sugaaah levels.

It also makes for a great snack to crunch on in the afternoons when you are bored at work and craving something sweet. Actually, there's no limit to how you can enjoy it. Breakfast, tea-time, heck, even a pre bed-time little snack. It's really that awesome. :)

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  1. This looks amazing! I love the chocolate, cherry, coconut combo - beautiful photos

  2. What a fantastic flavor combo! Cherry Chocolate Coconut - Delicious! Beautiful photos!

  3. thank u! i love the flavour combo too. (:


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