Friday, April 15, 2011

Food For Thought

Just checked out another new dining place recently that I've always wanted to visit - Food For Thought.

Food For Thought at 8 Queen Street

They don't do reservations and to our dismay when we reached, there was a sign outside the restaurant saying that the place is full and there's going to be quite a wait... In all, we waited for an hour or so for a table for four to be available. We were all starving by then. Luckily, the wait staff provided us the menus while we waited so when we got our tables, we already knew what were going to order.

Recycled glass bottles as lighting decorations
Quaint cutlery holder; Tea Latte

I like the tea latte! It was actually earl grey tea latte. The earl grey tones were nice and I felt that it would have been better with less foam (that's a personal preference of mine, I don't really enjoy the foam on lattes...). One of my girlfriend ordered the iced version and it was equally delicous.
 Food For Thought's Full Works

We decided to order a couple of dishes to split among the four of us so that we can sample a bit of everything. And we had planned ahead to arrive in time so that we get to enjoy dishes from both the brunch and lunch menu. Just a pity that we had to wait a long long time for a table though. :(

Anyway, brunch is incomplete without a plate of big breakfast set. Thus we ordered the Full Works, which comprises of brioche bread, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausage and hash brown balls. The breakfast set was quite good - I love the hash brown balls and mushrooms, but I hated the brioche. It tasted really funny, it was like soggy and the taste was just not quite nice. :/

Basil Almond Pesto Chicken Linguine; Potato Gratin
Crispy Curry Chicken and Spicy Chilli Fries

Look at that huge piece of fried chicken! I've never met a fried food that didn't taste good (must be the oil that makes it so yums - and so fattening sigh).

Dark Chocolate and Stewed Cherries Pancakes

I save the best for the last. I must point out that my favourite dish of all was the pancakes. The moment I saw the words "dark chocolate" and "stewed cherries", I insisted that we were so going to order that to share. My brunch buddies really had no say in that matter. Haha. But my choice was a good decision! I'm starting to find more and more super delish pancakes at brunch places that satisfy my taste buds immensely so. Think back to Jones the Grocer, Spruce and Cedele. I think that as of now, Food For Thought pancakes rank the first, just because of their superb pairing of flavours. Spruce comes a close second, followed by Cedele, then Jones the Grocer.

The plate of awesomeness was akin to a dessert plate. It was decadent as breakfast, and of course, it was just right for me. I mean, just look at the above plate and tell me that you're not salivating at the screen right now. I know I am (well, almost).

Going to revisit another brunch place in the coming weekend, one that I've been to once before almost a year ago - Riders Cafe. I hope the food there is as good as I remembered!

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