Friday, April 08, 2011

Batam 2011

A little while ago, before I started work, I went for a short weekend getaway with a couple of my girlfriends whom I've known since secondary school. The bunch of us have always been quite good friends, but we've never actually gone on a trip together before. As it was hard to work things out due to our schedules, we decided to start small and go for a 2D1N Batam trip. And hopefully, we will get to travel together to somewhere else next year (Taiwan perhaps?)! ^^

Holiday essentials
Turi Beach Resort at Batam
Welcome drinks

The resort had two different styles of living quarters. One was the old schooled "huts" as shown above, and the other, a modern building with tons of rooms. Initially I had the impression that we were going to be staying in the huts, I was fine with that cos I thought the holiday experience will be certainly fun. But it turned out that our booking was for the modern one instead (not that I'm complaining, there's aircon!).

View from the lobby
The "modern" living quarters

The resort rooms were clean and spacious and I really liked how nice everything was, one gripe was just that the refrigerators in all three of our rooms were not working!

We went for a walk around the resort after coming back from our spa/massages we did outside the resort. It was a lovely late afternoon to just chill by the water, chatting and listening to the waves. In fact, that's precisely what we did for most of our trip, really just relax and do nothing much except eat and talk and eat and talk more.

Had a great time just chillin' over the weekend and I can't wait for our next trip together already! ^^


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