Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Manchester Press

Did a T-25 session during lunch yesterday and my thigh muscles are currently screaming at me in pain. Tried wearing some heels to meet some girlfriends for dinner after work today and oh man, it wasn't a pretty sight. Let's just stick to no heels for a week ya.

Another Melbourne spot. The food and drinks were pretty forgettable, we were cafe-hopping that day, and nothing really jumped out at me, not to say that everything was bad. The cafe was pretty popular, it was one of the few cafes we dined at that had a queue. The staff took names, and scribbled it on a wall at the cafe entrance and call the names when there were avail seats. A wall-written wait list - interesting queuing system.

Manchester Press

And ha no, I was not the Michelle on the wall, the staff took my cousin's name instead.

I had the chai latte, and it was okay, not as good as the one I had at Chez Dre of course, but passable.

The place was known for bagels, so we ordered one to share - the pulled pork one. I wasn't too keen on the bagel cos they ran outta the one we wanted, and the only one left was the sesame bagel. I'm not a fan of sesame seeds on any yeasted dough (i.e hamburger buns) so was abit meh about having to get the sesame bagel. Well, the dish wasn't too shabby, but I wasn't a very big bagel fan anyway, so it didn't really wow/disappoint me either way.

Manchester Press
Address: 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Directions: Trams #19, 57, 59, 86, 95. 96 and stop at Bourke St/Elizabethe St stop. It's a short 5-10 walk away from the tram stop. Head north on Elizabeth St toward Bourke St, turn left onto Little Bourke St, then turn left onto Rankins Ln.
Phone: (03) 9600 4054
Opening Hours: Weekdays 7am – 5pm, Weekends 9am - 5pm

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