Monday, December 29, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Graffiti-lined Lanes

Melbourne's graffiti-lined streets are extremely photogenic, and I imagine that it may be most photographers' definition of heaven. There's just so much to capture - the gorgeous vivid colours, the creative artwork, the fine details, the vibrancy of the the spaces, and the occasional sighting of a graffiti artist at work. Like I said, a feast for the camera.

Hosier Lane, Melbourne 2013
Flinders Street Railway Station

The weather was lovely on the day we decided to explore the graffiti lanes, and the above picture is (almost) unfiltered - of clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

I'm no pro photographer, but really, anyone can just point a camera at any angle or direction and you're bound to capture really lovely shots. I really love the vibrancy of the photos I got, and this set of photos is certainly a nice change from all the food photography I normally do.

Same space, different light

Nothing was left untouched. Every available nook and cranny was covered in graffiti, from the walls to the lamp poles, to the pavement.

One of my favourite artwork because of the all rainbow hues

Some other random graffiti-filled alley in Melbourne CBD

From where I stand

Another favourite with all the purples and pinks
Ciao Melbourne ~ (for now that is)

Oh and look! I managed to finish my Aussie 2013 photos before the year officially ends (like finally) ha. Missing the cooling Aussie weather. Can't wait for February 2015 to be here soon, and I'll be all bundled up for my trip. Guess where I'm headed to? ;) 

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