Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Merry Men Kitchen & Bar

One Friday night, I met some girlfriends for dinner and drinks to unwind.

The Merry Men Kitchen & Bar

Mushroom fries; Truffled fries

One of my girlfriend and I were earlier than the other two, and we were starving, thus we ordered some appetizers first to nom on. Both were really good, they were served hot and crisp, and with chilli, blue cheese dip and mayo as accompaniments. I personally thought the blue cheese dip was  a tad weird, but one of my other girlfriends liked it. Me? I'd stick with good ol' mayo and chilli.
Asahi beer promo; Blackforest Mojito

As mentioned, it was a Friday night, so drinks were in order. I started with a blackforest mojito (which did not contain anything resembling black forest in reality - chocolate or cherries) which had berries and mint in it. It tasted quite yummy, but the alcohol was not very strong imo. Then during dinner, we shared a bucket of beer (they were having a promo) to go with our food.

Chicken wings
Crab meat aglio olio
Roasted duck and lychee pizza
What we ordered that night was similar to what we'd ordered if we had dropped by Timbre - duck pizza, chicken wings and beer. They had a duck pizza here too (my friends and I love the duck pizza at Timbre!) which I thought was slightly yummier than Timbre's version. The main differences between Merry Men and Timbre was that Merry Men added lychee bits (we were divided in our opinions on whether it was a weird/nice touch), the pizza base was cracker thin crunchy, the wanton strips were thinner. I love both versions, but Merry Men version was slightly better cos since it had a cracker thin base, you don't feel as full nomming on this.

The wings and pasta were also quite good. There was a section where I assumed accommodated a live band, but the night that we were there, no live band was playing, which was a pity, cos I do love live music. Merry Men makes for a really good chill out spot with friends over pretty decent food and drinks. Just get there early before the crowds descend.

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  1. This looks SO GOOD! Love that you and your gfs go out for beer and good grub! I do quite the same (but not many girls will)! :D


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