Thursday, May 09, 2013

Masa Steak & Hamburg

Had dinner here a few months ago to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

Masa Steak & Hamburg

As all of us were beef lovers, we were all agreeable to the dining venue. While waiting for the birthday girl to arrive, we were so hungry that we ordered a plate of deep fried squid to share. It came with two types of dips that were so delish we practically swiped the dip bowls clean.

When the birthday girl arrived, we started off with some appetizers. The restaurant served Japanese Wagyu beef, so what we ate that day mostly contain...beef. Ha. Both appetizers - some sort of quesadilla, and a beef stew, were excellent and we polished it off hungrily, while awaiting our mains to arrive.

We had ordered two hamburgs (hamburger steak patties) to share - with different sauces, the traditional and the ponzu. Oh, and we also added a sunny side up egg to one of the hamburg cos, you know, anything with eggs taste so much better. I liked both sauces, but I'm leaning more to the ponzu cos it has a refreshing citrus kick to it whereas I think the girlfriends prefer the traditional. We quite enjoyed  the meal as the meat patties were really thick and juicy. In fact, two of these hamburgs were quite sufficient for the three of us.

Of course, what is a birthday celebration without any cakes? I stopped by Flor after work to pick up a few small cakes, which we shared after our meal. The staff were kind enough to keep our cakes for us in the kitchen and came out with serving plates and forks for us too. In fact, the service that night was nothing but excellent. The place was relatively quiet on a weekday night, with just a few other tables being occupied. So I reckon it's a place to check out if you are in the vicinity (but do expect to spend more since they use wagyu beef).

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