Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taste Paradise

Yay to the PC Show 2010. I've finally gotten my new laptop! A Sony VAIO (I know I know, what happened to the Mac? Haha.) cos afterall, Windows interface is still the best! ;) The venue was jam packed with people, but thankfully, we managed to enter the place, locate the booth and get out within about ten minutes. It helped that I already knew what I want before heading down to the show. I was going to get the pink, but upon reaching there, the Hot Pink was really way too bimbo (even for my standards), and the only colours left were black and pink. The white on display was damn gorgeous. But although they had like three to four white sets, they were for display purposes and not for sale. :( So I went with safe black in the end. Am now still thinking about that Sexy White cover. Maybe that explains why Safe Black is still in its box...unopened and untouched. Snigger.

I'm waiting for the Sister's boyfriend to help me set it up, internet, programs and all. I'm such an IT idiot (okay, it's just me being plain lazy arse). Anyway, hopefully that means I can get to my lost files. Soon. Here are pictures for another dim sum brunch with the family. This time at Taste Paradise @ Ion. We wanted to go Royal China for dim sum but when we called the place, it was already fully booked. :( So Taste Paradise it was.

Tea; Appetizer; Dim sum; Taste Paradise

Crispy pork belly disappears fast. In five seconds.
My top three perennial favourites - Egg tarts; Custard buns; Char siew pastry
Steamed buns; Stewed pork; Glutinous rice; Vegetables
Cheesy dim sum
XO Fried carrot cake; XLBs; Dessert platter

Overall? I feel that it's one of the better dim sum place in Singapore. The egg tarts were by far the best I've tried, but it was just a tad small yeah *hint management. The char siew pastry was oh my god-ish good, with its soft flaky exterior hiding sweet char siew pork. The custard bun? One word: Mmmmmmm. All my favourites were done up pretty well, making me one happy girl indeed. The crispy pork was just the right thickness, unlike the Lei Garden one which was really too meaty. But then again, some might exclaim that the more meat given, the better! Oh well, it's all about personal taste.

The rest of the dishes were not badd too, but the only gripe is that the XO carrot cake did not have any XO taste to it whatsoever. If they want to name a dish XO-something, they should have added enough XO to make the taste discernible rights? Yeah, except for that, the rest of the food, even the interesting dessert platter was nice. Thumbs up. Now, the next dim sum place better be that elusive Royal China...

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