Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lei Garden

Dim sum. Two simple words that mean so much. There's nothing better than waking up late on a lazy weekend, and then heading out for some yummy dim sum brunch. Perfect little tiny morsels that are meant to be shared among many, just so you can have the excuse of ordering more.

Lei Garden @ Chijmes 
Chilli (very nice); Appetizer; Carrot cake; Fried yam morsel

Nutritious pork rib soup

This was one delicious soup (most probably double boiled or something haha), I've forgotten its name by now since it's been a few months since I had the meal. But I recall that the soup flavour was really intense, and there was even sufficient pork meat to go around the table (not those scrawny ribs normally used to brew soups that are totally close to being meat-free).

Xiao long baos; Cheong fan with BBQ pork; Crispy pork; Egg tarts

The usual suspects ordered when we are yum cha-ing. The XLBs are an absolute must (unless sadly, the restaurant doesn't offer the dish - every chinese dim sum place should have XLBs!), and the cheong fan is a somewhat necessary order. I have no idea how it started, but crispy pork has been somewhat gradually appearing on dim our sum table lately (we didn't use to order that dish), I suspect it's cos of my sister and her obsession with anything artery-clogging. Ha! And of course, the egg tarts. What's a serious dim sum brunch without these dainty pieces with their cheery yellow colour.

Scrumptious seafood

Err...I forgot what was this. It's either crayfish or crabs. It's not my fault I can't remember cos I DID remember we ordered so much food, and by the time this dish came out, I was totally stuffed and I only managed to eat like one bite of this plate. :( How sad. I think it was nice, just that I was too full to stomach anymore. And cos I only had that measly mouthful, other than the fact that it's obviously seafood, I can't seem to recall whether it's crayfish or crabs. HAHA.

All of us were so full that after our brunch, we had to walk around at nearby Bugis to digest our food. The food at Lei Garden was decent I guess. I always compare the usual suspects standard at every Chinese restaurant so I can gauge how the overall grade. Hmmm, the XLBs were passable, and the egg tarts were okay I guess (nothing too bad in general). The crispy pork was wow. It was very very thick. And I don't mean the fatty layer (ewww). There was a huge chunk of tender lean meat per piece so it's really worth the money. The pork ribs soup was also a thumbs up. So hmmmm, worth visiting I guess. I need to visit more dim sum place. I'm still in search for the perfect egg tarts...


  1. Haha I remember this one! Treat from the BF =P hee

  2. Haha I remember this one! Treat from the BF =P hee


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