Thursday, September 05, 2013


Decent place, decent food.

Dinner at Suprette

I visited the space for dinner with some friends, and it was a pretty quiet scene on a weekend night. We had some drinks first before looking over the menu to see what they had on offer.

We shared an appetizer - Crispy pork belly crostinis. The serving portion was really small, but flavour-wise, it was spot-on. The pork belly had a really nice crunch to it. But it's a pity they disappeared in the span of like what, two minutes?

Side salads; The Suprette Burger

The mains came with side salads, and wait for it - free flow fries. Gasp. Just look at that huge ton mountain of fries that came alongside our mains. Who actually needs to top up for more? We totally couldn't even finish our first serve.

I ordered the burger, and added mushrooms. One of my friend ordered the exact same dish. The patties were really juicy, and we enjoyed our burgers (though I couldn't really finish mine) much. I tried a lil of my other friend's main, and was surprised at how moist the chicken meat was, cos it is quite easy to overcook chicken breast meat.

I happened to browse the brunch menu, and saw a few interesting dishes, thus made a mental note to drop by again another time for brunch. 

Oh, and for some reason unknown, the staff gave us a 10% discount on our food. How nice. It wasn't for a credit card promotion or anything, and the staff just let us know when we were paying our bill that we had a 10% off. I'll take whatever comes my way thank you very much. :)

Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast 

Brunch at Suprette
Spiced French Toast

A few weeks later, (or was it months? whatever.) I did manage to visit again for brunch with another group of friends.

Food was average, it isn't the best brunch place I would recommend, but it's okay I guess. I liked the berry sauce for the french toast, paired together with mediocre egg dipped bread. The pot pie crust was awesome (I'm biased to anything puff pastry), but the filling was way too watery. It was more like a soup within a puff pastry than the regular creamy thick chicken pot pie contents. Oh, and we ordered the Suprette Burger again. That was pretty good as I had remembered. So, it's probably the dish I'd recommend to try at Suprette.

Chicken Pot Pie

The place wasn't overly crowded on both my visits, and I liked how quiet the space was rather than the other usual crowded noisy brunch spots. On my second visit, when we were leaving, I noticed that they had a stack of books on the counter and asked the staff about it. Apparently there was a private book event there that day! How interesting. I would have loved to crash the event as some of the books looked pretty good...Ha!

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