Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vietnam 2012: Halong Bay

I'm back for a short stint to continue on my Vietnam travels. I'm on the third part, with a final HCMC post to follow.

Work's been pretty hectic as of late, and I predict that it'll only get busier from now till July. I can't summon the strength to do up a lengthy post, so enjoy the visuals of Halong Bay and the Cave of Surprises.

First up is my first ever panoramic photo. Click to get a clearer view. :D

Halong Bay, 2012

Ferry terminal
On the IndoChina Sail boat (we splurged :P)

Lunch was pretty good

Some of the other cruises

Cave of Surprises was really gorgeous. I only enhanced the colours slightly...
My favourite

Floating village

Breakfast buffet was pretty decent too. They screwed up with the dinner buffet line the previous night though, so no photos. 

Final shot from my iPhone using Instagram


  1. I love the opening panorama shot of Halong Bay! Looks like the trip was really enjoyable! Curious though, how was the dinner "screwed up"?

  2. ha, well we felt that in comparison to the first day's lunch and second day's breakfast option, the dinner bit was not really good. the food wasn't spectacular or anything (with some dishes in the buffet line being somewhat not nice). :)

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