Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loysel's Toys Cafe

Hi from Hanoi! I'm currently on a vacation in Vietnam (Hanoi/Halong Bay/Ho Chih Min City) and blogging from the computer that the hotel room has! Just had a really good cuppa Vietnamese filter milk coffee in the afternoon, and now, I'll be blogging about yet another coffee place I checked out in Singapore a few weeks back... I'm drinking more and more coffee these days. I hope I don't turn into a coffee addict!

 Having a cuppa at Loysel's Toys

Loysel's Toys Cafe is the cafe branch of the famous Papa Palheta, which is actually nearer to my place in the West of Singapore. I swear I had to drive halfway across our island to Kallang Bahru, where Loysel's Toy cafe is located. Loysel's Toys Cafe, like all the other coffee places I've checked out recently, is at a very "ulu" place. My friend, who was with me in the car, even commented that it was in such an out of the woods place that she was wondering who would visit it...until I drove by the cafe, and saw that it was actually, very packed. :/

Pain au chocolat; Breakfast set

I ordered the pain au chocolat and I really liked it! Crispy flaky exterior encasing chocolate (which portion I felt can be upped - I mean, more chocolate's always good!)....Mmmmmm.

And together with the cuppa latte I had, it was the perfect afternoon tea-time treat. 

Seriously, who orders tea at a place known for coffee? Obviously there are people who do that - my friend being a case example. Ha!

Come early to grab a seat. It's quite a nice place (albeit far) to hang out and chill during the lazy weekend afternoons. Oh, and another point to note - they don't have free wi-fi. I brought my laptop out as I was going to discuss travel plans that day, but upon enquiring, they don't have free wi-fi in the cafe. Hmpf.

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