Sunday, April 19, 2009

End of Easter

Aww. How sad. The hols is over. Technically, it's 12.30am on Monday Brisbane time. Sigh.

Anyway, from my last post, I managed to do quite a bit of catch a couple of movies with my housemates, baked, gym, slack around, got a slight cough (again!), went shopping at DFO, sang KTV, basically do stuff that is like stress-free for the whole week. Bliss. (:

I realised with dread that my photos are FOREVER backlogging since I so hate to blog with photos when they are not in chronological order. bah. SO. I did edit some of my STILL backlogged holiday photos when my Sis was here. snigger. I shall call this Brisbane part 1. At the rate I am going, I am so NEVER going to be able to upload all my baking pictures this semester! Haha, for those who visit my blog for the baking pictures, my apologies. ;)

On a side note, I was in the city today, and while sipping on my green apple green tea with pearls (I digress...), from the corner of my eye, I saw this lady fell. I turned to get a better view, and she was totally taking her own sweet time to fall. So much movements. The sway, the slight tango-dancing in the air while her partner attempted to right her, her butt hitting the floor, her skirts rising up above and flashing everyone in the vicinity (with her white cotton undies no less), her weird behaviour, her partner pulling her up and supporting her. You get the gist. When she walked by, tottering precariously on her stilettos, she seemed pretty happy for someone who just fell. Stef commented that she was drunk. It was only say, 5+pm or so. Apparantly, it's really common for the Aussies to get sloshed in the afternoon. Tsk. I mean, she was dressed up pretty nicely, and to be drunk at such an hour, it's a tad too much don't you think?

ANYWAY, pictures.

20/2/09: we were walking from my place to get groceries when we spotted wild mushrooms growing by the roadside.

23/02/09: At the ungodly hour of 2 or 3 am, we woke up to drive all the way to Byron Bay see the sunrise.
Sunrise was supposed to be at 5am. Or so. See the inverted heart in the sky??? (: (: (:
And so the sunrises! Wen, this multi shots were taken with you in mind. (: Alas, stupid clouds were in the way, so the view was obstructed. I was pretty disgruntled, considering the fact I had super lack of sleep and all I get to see was those bits of fluff clouds???
Rainbow hotair balloon.
The lighthouse.

Striking sun rays.

We headed to Minyon falls for some scenery views after a short break for coffee.

Some inconsiderate person's leftovers. Tsk.

Sis in her warrior pose. We all had a shot with that walking stick thinggie, but my photo was just too ugly to be shared among the general public. haha.

25/02/09: In the morning, I was headed to get some cash while Sis went to get the car. Then I saw Le Bon Choix. Of cos I must get a (or two) little something for Sis to try no? (:
Absynthe bakery? Nah, it's really just a normal bakery. There was no alcohol whatsoever (at least that's what I think from observing the patrons, who looked pretty sober to me ha!) in their bread.
We had lunch here, food was okay I guess. I like the calamari rings though.
Mine! I was the healthy one with salad on the side. snigger.

And here's our sweet treats to share!

Starbucks was giving out FREE regular sized mocha drink. Sis and co were full, yet couldn't pass up freebie. So they went into the cafe to get their free drinks. How Singaporean-ish. Me on the other hand, was contented with the small sized sample they were passing out on the street.
Another day spent viewing the lush greenery...not in Brisbane of cos. We had the car, so we drove around nearby QLD for some of these places.

Monster tree? Haha.

Is it me or do I see hearts everywhere I go. ;)

I found a leaf with a pimple on it. Then I spotted several more leaves with MORE pimples on them. I told Sis cos I was so amused. I think she scoffed at my sillyness if I was not wrong. Hmpf.

This is so Siew can. The "Nyah nyah". snorts.

And there is a part 2 to Brisbane trip. haha. THEN I can finally upload baking pictures.

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