Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fat Cow

There's plenty of pretty good Japanese places in Singapore. One constant thing that popped up on my Instagram feed was THAT particular beef bowl. You know, the one like here:

Fat Cow Donburi

It was my friend's birthday, so I decided to give her a treat at Fat Cow, a place we've been wanting to check out. We met up on her actual birthday, which was a Saturday. I had made online reservations at the last available lunch timeslot (say about 2ish?) as she was due back from a vacation that morning. We had been meaning to try out the donburi set lunch, and thank gosh it was avail on Saturdays too as we are both working on weekdays.

Set meal accompaniments: salad, miso soup and steamed egg
The birthday girl's Fat Foa-Gura Don

Girlfriend was a fan of foie gras, thus she ordered the above, which comprised of cubes of foie gras and charcoal grilled wagyu beef. No onsen egg in her donburi bowl (not sure if you can request to add cos we didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure you can). No complaints from her at all, I'll believe her cos even though I didn't try hers since I don't really like foie gras, I absolutely loved my bowl.

Fat Cow Donburi - medium rare

Oooh lala. Just picture this (okay fine, you don't have to since there's actual photos here) - perfectly cooked charcoal grilled wagyu beef slices with a wobbly silky onsen egg at the side. 

How to eat the donburi - Poke that white ball of onsen egg, and let the creamy sunshine yellow yolk ooze out ever so molten-ly onto the pearly white rice. Mix it well like the below. Then proceed to scoop a little of that heavenly onsen egg soaked rice, with a piece of truffle perfumed wagyu beef into your mouth. *sigh*

Can I just say, it was one of the best donburi I ever had.

I had to pause ever so often, just to sigh, and savour the flavours dancing on my tongue. Call me dramatic, crazy, whatevs. It was just too damn good. I normally order medium for beef, so this medium rare was a tad too pink for my liking. It was a perfectly cooked medium rare order, so I'm not grousing ya. Just a matter of personal preference. If I head back again, I'll prob order it medium done.


I was so sad when I finished the last mouthful of awesomeness. I was so tempted to lick the bowl clean, but then I realised that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, left. Hurhur.


Now, when can I head back again?

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