Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blu Kouzina

Ever since my Sis's shop opening, we rarely get to go out to have family meals as she's working 7 days a week, almost 24/7. For one of our few family meals in April, we visited a Greek restaurant along Bukit Timah Road for dinner as it was relatively near our place.

Blu Kouzina

The restaurant was done up really prettily in shades of blues and whites. In fact, the colours and and decor made me think of Greece (from what I've seen of Greece through magazines, photos or telly). Thumbs up to the cosy feel the place had.

In fact, it was so pretty I went around the place snapping photos (even though we were seated outside). The restaurant may look tiny from the outside, but looks are deceiving. It was actually a four-storey establishment, and you probably could have an intimate gathering at the upper levels of the restaurant if you want to. I liked our outdoor seating, probably cos of all the white furniture, and also, the evening breeze.

We started off with some bread, with olive oil. The bread was not the best I've ever had, but it was not badly done either. The olive oil on the other hand was exceptional. I don't know much about olive oils, but I know that the one we had was probably not the off-the-shelves kind you get at the supermarket. There was a difference in taste and flavour. We all agreed that the olive oil was good. If I'm not wrong, the olive oil is the owners' family olive oil - I assume they produce it back in Greece or something.

Wine; Souvlaki me Pita; Imam Baildi; Pita Bread

We ordered a rather lovely bottle of white wine to pair with our food. Then again, we almost always order white wine (whenever we do get a bottle) cos I don't like red wine, and cos it's almost always the three of us (Dad, the Sis's boyfriend, and I) who drink, we get the white. :D

As there were quite a few of us, we managed to get quite a few dishes from the menu to share. First up were the appetizers. We had the Imam Baildi (grilled eggplant in tomato sauce), the warm pita bread, the Fasolosalata (three beans salad) and the Bougiourdi (feta stuffed bell peppers).

I'm no eggplant fan, so I didn't touch the dish. Well, I tried to. The rest all seem to love it, and my Sis asked me to try a small bite. I did, it was tomato-ish and well, eggplant-y obviously. No comments on this cos I'm eggplant biased. The warm pita bread was a touch salty, but complemented the other appetizers. We all gave the thumbs up for the three beans salad. I'm not normally a beans girl, but this was really good. They used simple ingredients like lemon, dill (lots of it!) and olive oil, and the flavours were all there. Definite recommendation.

At the FHA2012 with the Sis, we had tried some feta stuffed mini peppers and it was quite good, thus we ordered the dish when we saw it on the menu here. It was quite different from the one we had tasted, the portion was bigger, and the bell peppers were roasted. It tasted good nevertheless.

Kotopoulo sto Fourno Me Patates; Fish dishes

For the mains, we had the Souvlaki me Pita (beef wraps), Kotopolo sto Fourno me Patates (grilled chicken with roasted potatoes) and a fish dish (which name I didn't catch cos I was up exploring the place when the rest placed the orders).

For the beef eaters, we didn't really enjoy the beef wraps, probably cos we are more of a "steak" kinda group (if you get me), and the beef chunks were a little tough to chew. I was quite stuffed from the appetizers so I didn't really try the other main dishes, save for a few nibbles. The lady (owner?) kindly offered to debone our fish for us at our table. Nice fast work she did with that one. Oh, and they threw in a free side - some kinda grilled lemon sardines? (I really am not good at fish names haha).


We were all stuffed to the brim after dinner, but what was dinner without dessert (more specifically, a traditional Greek dessert). We ordered Baklava of course. It's known to be quite a sweet treat, and boy was it really sweet. It was too sweet for most of us at the table, but my Dad, commented that it was quite nice (probably cos it contains nuts and he loves anything with nuts).

Overall, a really pleasant dining experience with more hits than misses. The place seems to be quite popular with the expats, probably as there were quite a few expat clubs around the area. Business seemed brisk and the place was quite full during our dinner there. I recommend giving this place a try if you have yet to try Greek food, as there are not many Greek restaurants locally.

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