Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shin Yuu

Lunch: Japanese. Where: Greenwood Avenue. Why: Miramar Hotel was fully booked. :(

Shin Yuu

Scallops; Wagyu beef

Scallops were unmemorable (I'm not a big scallop fan) when there's beef on the table. I'm a beef girl at heart. It's such an irony my favourite meat is beef, yet beef is not to be eaten at home (for religious reasons). My father allows the two of us (Sis and I) to eat beef out (restaurants and whatnots), but we can't buy beef to cook or eat at home. That's just plain killin' me man, I love beef so much I eat beef at least once a week if possible. Then again, too much red meat is not good, so it's good that there's dietary restrictions in place, if not it'll be too much on my body (and the pockets).

Chawanmushi; Sushi

Sashimi platter

Think Japanese, think sashimi. Everytime I enter a Japanese establishment, the first thought on my mind is to get fresh sashimi. It is a must-have order as you can probably judge how good the place is from their sashimi. ;) Shin Yuu's standard was average, not the best I've eaten, nor the worst.

Sushi; Soft shell crabs

It's a short week this week. Hooray to that. I can't wait for Thursday (tomorrow) to come cos it marks the start of the weekend due to the Hari Raya holiday on Friday. (:

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