Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Out with the old, in with the what?

My computer's gone dead on me. As in, it totally died on me. How sad. I've been expecting the death for some time now but it is still pretty sudden. I' ve been backing up all my files quite often lately cos I never know when it might crash on me. But then, when it really crashed, I have no idea if I've backed up my latest latest files and I'm all panicky cos I'm wondering if I can retrieve them! I'm mourning the loss of the laptop cos it means I can't edit my photos to blog, can't surf the net and play FB games at home, can't convert videos to transfer to my iPhone to entertain myself for traveling to/fro work. AARGH.

I need a new laptop like ASAP. Just deciding what to get. Another Sony VAIO? Or a Mac? A lot people has suggested the Macbook. My Sis said that for such a virus-proned idiot like me, the Macbook has a lower tendency of virus attacks. But I'm so unused to the interface, I argued. Wenli said just download the Windows interface then. Then what's the point of getting the Mac, I reasoned. Sookee said I'm still young, I can get used to it pronto. Silence from me. Hahahaha.

So until I get a new laptop, less pictures, less blogging, cos the only comp use I'm gonna get is from work, and borrowed laptop usage when Sis is not using her...Mac. Lol. Maybe I should start practising getting used to a Mac. (: What do you guys suggest!

Here's a cute ad to end with. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. macboooooook! though i'm still a windows person. but i was thinking of getting a macbook after i go back!


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