Thursday, August 06, 2009


I think most girls can empathise with me when I say that I have clothes that range from a size XXS to a size L. Sometimes, this is due to the cutting of the clothes (especially those I buy from Australia - it explains why my range starts from the XXS cos as you know, I obviously DO NOT look like I am a size XXS. snigger.), while sometimes (in most cases) in fact, you know your body fluctuates and you need clothes that fit you when you are fit, and clothes that fit you when you are, *ahem, not so fit.

In fact, talking about the above point, I must bring up an annoying fact. It is so unfair that my sis (who I bet will surely read this anyway...) is a size smaller, and so, when she has her so-called "fat moments", she can just swing by my wardrobe and select stuff that catch her fancy. Thereby ensuring that she has two wardrobes to choose from! Whereas poor (fat) me, even on my skinniest moments (not that I have many hmpf), cannot actually pick anything from her wardrobe to wear. Boo!

Okay, I digress. Anyways, what I wanted to say was, when I first came back from Brissy, I was digging through my wardrobe and found an old pair of black shorts that I couldn't fit anymore. Then again, you know, as I said above, girls bodies tend to expand and contract like nobody's business , so holy moly, I tried it on today and it actually fits! Whoo. Women out there can really understand what I'm trying to say yes? That feeling of, oh my god, this old thing actually fits now?? I wore it out today. (:

Could be the diarrhea working its magic... snorts. But whatever the reason, I feel good! (*humming the "I feel good dadadadadada" song...)

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